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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Monday, 15 February 2016

St Paul's, Bakery Hill and Christ Church Cathedral in #Ballarat have united to join the Sanctuary Movement to respond to the needs of refugees in Australia

On Sunday 7  February.  Father Constantine Osuchukwu of Saint Paul's Anglican Church on historic Bakery Hill, #Ballarat, announced that he would be consulting with Saint Paul's Parish Council and office-bearers within the parish with a view to establishing Saint Paul's as a place of Sanctuary for refugees.

Yesterday, Sunday 14 February, Father Constantine announced that St Paul's is to become a place of Sanctuary for refugees in conjunction with Christ Church Cathedral, Ballarat.

The joint Sanctuary of both churches with the support of their respective congregations is a most practical application.  While St Paul's heart is in the right place, it is not well equipped to provide shelter to refugees on an ongoing basis.  St Paul's has no accommodation, for instance, and limited food preparation facilities.  However, Christ Church Cathedral has better practical facilities at its disposal.

The joint Sanctuary decision makes quite practical sense based on the combined energies of both congregations. 

A big thank you to the Anglican Bishop of Ballarat, Garry Weatherill, and to Father Constantine.

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