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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Friday, 5 September 2014

2014 Victorian Interfaith Network Conference - Sunday 23 November: Domestic Violence is on the Agenda

Cross posted from Beside The Creek, the blog the Ballarat Interfaith Network.

The Faith Communities Council of Victoria, in association with Monash Interfaith Gathering and City of Monash, would like to invite you to the 2014 Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference on Sunday, November 23rd 2014.
The Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference (VINC) is a grass-roots conference which aims to help build the capacity and sustainability of existing multifaith/interfaith networks, bring people up-to-date with current multifaith/interfaith matters and provide networking opportunities
mulgravecommunitycentre Mulgrave Community Centre
The 2014 VINC will be held at Mulgrave Community Centre - 355 Wellington Road, Mulgrave Victoria (Melway 80 D1).
The City of Monash is one of the most culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse communities in Victoria with at least 45% of Monash residents born overseas, 69% with at least one parent born overseas, 48% speaking a language other than English at home and over 30 religions represented in the Monash Municipality.
Monash Interfaith Gathering and City of Monash look forward to hosting this annual multifaith event and creating an opportunity for dialogue, sharing of good practice examples, networking and relationship building.
  • 12:00pm-1:25pm Registration and Lunch (lunch closes 1:15pm)
  • 1:30pm-2:15pm Honoured guests and keynote speech on Domestic Violence: Why Faith Communities need to be involved
  • 2:20pm-3:15pm Workshops and Plenary sessions
  • 3:20pm-3:45pm Afternoon Tea
  • 3:50pm-4:45pm Workshops and Plenary sessions
  • 4:50pm-5:00pm Closing ceremony
Workshops & Plenary Sessions:
  1. Finding & writing grants for interfaith networks
  2. Ideas on what programs to run in your interfaith network
  3. Domestic Violence – why faith communities must be involved
  4. The role of interfaith networks in a growing multifaith Victoria
Enrolment for workshops and planery sessions can be made on the day of event. Each attendee can enrol in up to two sessions. Please arrive early to ensure you enrol in your preferred sessions. For more information on each session click here.
Registration:To register for this free event please go to - click on the green Register button, fill out your name and email address, and let us know of any special dietary requirements. Please note, places are limited so register early.
Further information:For more information on the 2014 Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference please contact:
This event is proudly supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Faith Communities Council of Victoria, City of Monash and Monash Interfaith Gathering
Media release can be downloaded from here Other material relating to the conference can be read on line and/or downloaded from the inclusions below: