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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The human purpose and the Martyrs of Papua New Guinea - let us remember.

We are here to heal not harm.
We are here to love, not hate.
We are here to create, not destroy.

Anthony Douglas Williams

The words above are particularly apt to-day.  To-day in the Anglican communion, especially in Australia and Papua New Guinea, the Martyrs of New Guinea are remembered.  It is likely that many will never have heard of these people - but they are remembered.  Their story lives on

Their names are:

The Revd Henry Matthews
The Revd Henry Holland
The Revd Vivian Frederick Barnes Redlich
The Revd John Frederick Barge
Sister Margery Brenchley
Sister May Hayman.
Miss Lilla Lashmar
Miss Mavis Parkinson
Mr John Duffill
Lucien Tapiedi
Leslie Gariardi 

For more details and photographs of those named above
please go to the blog Australian Christian Martyrs

The Diocese of Ballarat has as its patrons
Our Lady of Walshingham and the Martyrs of Papua New Guina. 
At the Ararat site, Advocates will find prayers 
relating to each of the Martyrs.

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