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Markets & Justice
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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Father Constantine's thinking peace: a reflection on the current human condition

What a terrible week we are having in our human family!
So many tears in France, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone etc.
God's children, our flesh and blood, dying of terrorism, violence, man's cruelty, disease and lack of access to basic human needs, etc. 
Has God abandoned us? No, we have abandoned Him and each other; we have forgotten the image of God in each person and have become selfish, self-centred and prejudiced against those of different faith, colour or race, etc.
God cannot help us, we ought to help Him help ourselves; we ought to put Him first and not our egos and our selfish motives.
Bad things will continue to happen when good people remain silent.
Let all good people rise to counter the terrible events of this week by reaching out to others in friendship, love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, mercy and tenderness. 
God returns among men and women through those whose lives bear credible witness to God's love and loving kindness. May God help us to become saints. Pray always: ALL WILL BE WELL! ALL WILL BE WELL AND ALL MANNER OF THINGS WILL BE WELL!!!