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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Thursday, 14 August 2014

War and War Crimes, Famine, Human Rights violations in South Sudan

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The United Nations says the deepening humanitarian emergency in South Sudan is the "worst in the world" and warns 50,000 children could die this year unless the aid effort is scaled up. But it’s largely a forgotten crisis, overshadowed by strife in other parts of the world including Gaza, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. Aid agencies say they've found it difficult to raise money to fund operations in South Sudan, despite a growing threat of famine.

Caitlin Brady, an aid worker with Save the Children in South Sudan, said about 4 million people in the country are "very, very” hungry – more than 2 million of them children.

"It’s a very dire situation," she said. "Responding to hunger is probably the number one priority. The aid community has stepped up to try and respond but we need to do more."
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Please note: this article may seem glib - but it's not really.  What is happening in the former British colony of Sudan is complex.  This analogy of cowboys and cattle helps those of us who can't figure it out to come to a better understanding of the complexity of the situation.