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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Monday, 18 August 2014

Compassion as an essential ingredient for a better community: @ M.A.D.E., 6pm Friday 22 August.

From Margarent Lenan Ellis, 
Public Relations Officer - Ballarat Interfaith Network ~~~

Ballarat Interfaith Network (BIN) is delighted to partner with the Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council (BRMC) in hosting an Interfaith Forum calling for Compassion as an Essential Ingredientfor a Better Community.

This public forum, to be held at M.A.D.E. on Friday 22 August at 6pm, presents the opportunity to hear speakers from diverse faith backgrounds offer spiritual insight into the healing and enabling power of compassion – within ourselves, our families, communities and nations of the world.

By juxtaposing Ghandi’s quote on the forum flier: Be the Change you want See in the World with a topic calling for increased compassion as a way of implementing positive change, this interfaith forum invites all attending to both hear and contribute to deeply purposeful discussion. 

Following introduction of the topic by the guest speakers, everyone will have the opportunity to respond to and discuss the topic with others in the audience.

Such discussions can be stimulating, revelatory and even challenging – catalysts for change within ourselves, and our own fields of influence.

We hope you take the time to join BRMC and BIN in participating in this Interfaith Forum at M.A.D.E.  (102 Stawell St Sth, Ballarat) at 6pm on Friday 22 August.

St Paul's has a direct connection to this event.  Our Parish Priest, Father Constantine, is a member of both BRMC and BIN and one of the main organisers of this event.