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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Monday, 5 October 2015

Where does your food come from? Animal cruelty in Australia.

Yesterday was Saint Francis' Day.
On this day we honour creation and bless the animals.
and it is a big but....
have we thought about where our food comes from?

Did you know:
  • Increasing commercialisation and industrialisation of our food chain has led to "Factory Farming"
  • Even people engaged in food production have become separated from the animals which insure their livelihoods
  • Your pets have legal rights.
  • Industrial animals don't.
  • If you eat pork, do you know about sow crates?
  • Are you aware of how cows are milked for mass consumption in the 21st century
  • Do you know what veal is?
  • Most industries in the primary production of our food have industry standards. 
  • In practise, what has occurred is that primary producers negotiate very low standards for their industries.
  • Primary industry is organised so that it is has close relationships with governments.
  • This means close relationships with Agriculture and Primary Industry Ministers, Departments, bureaucrats.
  • This has resulted in a situation wherein if a Primary Producer is taken to Court for cruelty to industrial animals, the Producer can claim that industry standards have been maintained. This is a legal defence to the charges.
  • Your domestic cat, dog, and guinea pig have more rights than this! 
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