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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Monday, 23 February 2015

Kiss Goodbye 2 Apathy - a Fb page from Ree Boddee. Resources for dealing with family violence - and particularly for Anglican parishes

Many Australians are sick and tired of apathy towards or disinterest in so many of the social problems besetting modern Australia.  Facebook is a great outlet.  We form relationships, build conversations and communication networks, share ideas, initiate campaigns.  A new site worth joining/friending is Kiss Goodbye 2 Apathy set up by Dr Ree Bodde

Ree is the spouse of Hugh Kempster of St Peter's Eastern Hill. She is prominent in Anglican circles in regard to family violence.

Violence is learned. It can be unlearned
Taking the lid off a violent can of worms
Nudging Anglican parishes to prevent violence against women
Parishes urged to welcome men as anti-violence advocates
Preventing violence against women: what works and what doesn't in Anglican communities (this document is published below - it can be read on the post by scrolling down or by clicking the print symbol, it can be printed out)
'Sexist' competition draws Anglican ire
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On Facebook - Anglicans helping to prevent violence against women