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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

FIRST WORLD WAR WOMEN U3A course starting Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Geraldine Robertson​ is like a good and well-aged wine: distinctive character, stable flavour, much to be enjoyed.  Look at what she's doing now! Love the idea of this course - highlighting the realities (not the legends, not the romancing, idealising) of these events.  Asking the question of what we want to carry from these events into the future is a powerful contemplation.

FIRST WORLD WAR WOMEN U3A course starting Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Starting on Wednesday, the 4th March, 1-3.30, I am facilitating 4 weekly sessions at Yarra University of the Third Age – U3A – at the Fitzroy Library.

The website for Yarra U3A is

Experience an utterly different First World War and ANZAC Day. Come to each meeting with an idea of a quote or two from these stories that you would like to address, whether to remember a largely forgotten past or to look at qualities we want to carry on to the future. To view the “First World War Women Working for Peace in Melbourne 1914 – 1919” stories online click on the 1914 – 1919 link at Session 1 covers pages 1-12 from the website link; session 2 pages 13-24; session 3 pages 25-39; and session 4 pages 40-50. Also see the FIRST WORLD WAR WOMEN travelling exhibition in City of Yarra throughout March 2015. For further information check or contact Geraldine on 9486 1808. Class held in Meeting Room 2 on 4, 11, 18 and 25 March. Class limit 10

Otherwise I hope to see you 3.30 to 6pm on International Women’s Day, see

Let us celebrate! In the gloom of current affairs, it will revitalise us, I think. Geraldine

“Is there a lack of younger people fired with the desire to build a really new world, to become real crusaders to establish a genuine Co-operative Movement which makes service and not profit the foundation motive?" Vida Goldstein, January 1945 when she was 76

Geraldine Robertson
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