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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

#Ice interferes with everyone's life: users, families, communities. It breeds crime of all sorts. #Ballarat and its region are suffering.

An ice taskforce unveiled by Premier Daniel Andrews will have 100 days to develop an action plan to halt the carnage caused by the drug.

A magistrate, a deputy commissioner of police and a mental health expert will be part of the taskforce chaired by Mr Andrews, along with other community representatives.

Ice was linked to 32 murders in Victoria between 2012 and 2013, and the Coroners Court found that deaths where methamphetamine was present increased from 66 in 2006 to 166 last year. 

The ice action taskforce, a Labor Government election commitment, will examine ways to reduce the demand, supply and harm of the drug. The Coalition had criticised the commitment as a "talk fest", and promised instead to frame its response to the crisis by referring to the parliamentary committee report into ice use.

The government must respond to the findings of the parliamentary committee - which made 54 recommendations - by March. The committee was particularly taken by the work of authorities in New Zealand, which developed an action plan more than five years ago.  The article continues here.


The PowerFM site above has links on where to go for help