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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Monday, 8 December 2014

Bushland Conservation Bee at the Abbey of St Barnabas

Just catching up on email.  Business has been the order of the day in recent weeks - the Victorian Interfaith Networks Conference - St Paul's Eureka celebration, A Celebration of Humanity - and the Eureka celebrations at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, M.A.D.E.
Here is a missive and a flyer from Archdeacon Edie Ashley

Dear All

Emma Nicholls completes her time as an Volunteer Abbey Environmental Officer at the end of 2014. Emma will be working  at The Abbey for the last few weeks before Christmas and will be concentrating  on bushland conservation work along the Lake Shore. We have set aside a few days specifically when we are inviting anyone who would like to spend a day at The Abbey working with Emma and  finding out about the bushland ecology to come along to a ‘Bushland Conservation Bee’. 

Attached is the flyer with some more details of the day. Please let your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and relations know about these times and invite them along. There is no charge for this day, and we will organise lunch.

We really look forward to seeing you – but please RSVP to Anna on 5156 6580.


Archdeacon Edie Ashley
Vicar and Abbey Priest
1 First Parade
Raymond Island  3880
Phone (03) 51560511
Mobile 0423 400 359