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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Saturday, 18 October 2014

PLEASE PRACTISE PRAYER CARE! - Negotiations are expected to bring the Nigerian girls home.

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Saint Paul's at Bakery Hill has a special interest in Nigeria. Father Constantine, our parish priest, is from Nigeria - and the people of our parish think he is rather special.  Probably because of Father Constantine - who is a chaplain at Federation University and who walks the streets at night speaking to some of Ballarat's poor and homeless - the parish feels a special connection to this particular issue of the missing girls in Nigeria.

A few months ago we held a Sunday afternoon of silence and reflection at St Paul's - with quite a bit of candle-lighting accompanying the prayers!

The article in The Guardian speaks of a possible breakthrough and that the girls may be returned.

Advocacy will be meeting this week and the item will be on the agenda - so please stay tuned to hear details of further silence and reflection times at St Paul's.  If you are on Facebook, please check out our site and 'Like' us.  This will help you to stay in touch with our news and our thoughts.

And please remember, 
Prayer is everywhere - and goes everywhere!  
Please practise PRAYER CARE!