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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A vengeful Australian Government and Immigration Minister conspire to keep a father and son apart and imprisoned.

There is no greater example of the cruelty of our immigration system gone crazy than Hadi and his son Amirali.
Hadi and Amirali are the sole survivors of a family of five. Two years ago this family, seeking safety and refuge, attempted to travel to Australia by boat. Tragically their boat broke up at sea and Hadi's wife, eight year old daughter, ten month old baby boy and brother all drowned.
After managing to get his son to Australia, Hadi was incorrectly accused of people smuggling, had his son removed from him, and endured the torture of waiting for a trial; a trial which proved to be a benchmark case in that it exposed flawed police procedure.
Hadi was exonerated.
That was four months ago. Hadi is still detained at Villawood, separated from his son, who grieves the loss of both his parents every day.
When will we take responsibility for the human rights abuses our government tries to persuade us are proper government procedure? When will we regain our national heart that once beat so loudly for compassion and justice?
When will Amirali get his dad back?
Please email Tony Najdov, director of Immigration Case Managers and voice your concerns about the welfare of this little boy and his dad.
Thank you,
Fr Rod