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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Living styles of the First Nations --- with emphasis on the Gunditjmara of south-west Victoria

Patricia Olive Corowa and Sovereign Union shared a link.
We're told that First Nations people were nomads, yet there is significant…
  • This is a wondrous and dangerous essay.. Worthy of being read, and bookmarked to be revisited and re-read more times.. First Peoples in every Sovereign Ancient Nation probably have some similarities in the lifestyles of the Gunditjmara of the South East..
    So how could previous archaeologists have missed all this, given the scale of the operation and that the fish farms would still have been operating when Europeans arrived?
    Builth suspects it is because the Gunditjmara disappeared quickly after white settlers came. "History tells us, many (of the settlers) had a military background and they knew tactics - they knew how to survive - they knew how to win, and they knew how to get rid of Aboriginal people pretty quickly."
    By the time archaeologists had arrived in Australia the only Aboriginal people still leading traditional lifestyles in significant numbers were the ones living on the less desirable land.
    "Most studies - certainly anthropological studies - focused on people dwelling in desert in semi-arid conditions, because they were the last people to live in their traditional land. These people (the Gunditjmara) were the first to lose their land, that's the difference."
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