Markets & Justice

Markets & Justice
Freely operating markets yield a just outcome?

White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Purchases from to-day's Jiggety-jig Market 16-01-16

Back from the Jiggety-jig!
Purchases to-day:
Beetroot. I chose small - easier for pickling in re-used jars.

For some of this quality produce, you will pay a little more.
Sometimes, though, you won't.
If growers get to know you, there's a chance
that they may give a discount.
However, growers have to find numerous uses and varieties'
for the food they have chosen to specialise in.

My regular shopping places are Coles and Aldi.
Each have their uses and their pricing systems.
I rarely enter a Woolworths and when I do,
 don't spend much money there.
The ethics of the major supermarkets are dubious at best.
Woolworths comes out bottom of my list.
For more on Australia's supermarkets,
please purchase a copy of Supermarket Monsters:

So while I may pay a little more
for top of the range value at a growers' market,
this comes from my savings at the supermarkets,
careful budgetting, being a thoughtful consumer,
a vegetarian, and a cook.

My purchases have another purpose.
I am investing, in a small way, in Australian growers.
If we all did this, the investment could become substantial.

Do we want Australian growers to disappear?
Do we want exploited labour so that growers can stay in the game?
Do we want everything to be imported -
and, usually, from places which have subsidised agriculture
such as the United States and the European Union?