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Markets & Justice
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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Monday, 7 September 2015

Water Aid ... providing clean water

 Imagine life without clean water ... 
well it would not be much of a life would it ... 
if there was life at all   
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For every $1 invested in water and sanitation, an average of at least $4 is returned in increased productivity. 
(Hutton, Global costs and benefits of drinking-water supply and sanitation interventions to reach the MDG target and universal coverage, WHO, Geneva, 2012: page 4)
Hygiene promotion is the most cost effective health intervention according to the World Bank. 
(Saving lives, WaterAid, 2012)
Hygienic practices such as washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of diarrhoea by 50%. 
(Curtis and Cairncross, 2003; Luby, et al. 2005)
Just $30 can provide one person with access to safe water. 
(WASHCost and WaterAid, 2014) .