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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Saturday, 6 June 2015

World Environment Day - 2015 --- a very movable feast --- WED events in #Ballarat this week-end

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There is no doubt about it!  
World Environment Day is a movable and moving feast!

As you can see Advocates, the official date is on June 5.
However, those wishing to mark the spirit of the date
are not hindered if they find people are not able
to fully participate on the published day.

So Advocacy is here to tell you of two WED events
occurring this week-end.

There is the Plant Day on the Yarrowee River
- see details below.

St Paul's Anglican Church, Bakery Hill, Ballarat
is also marking the day to-morrow.
Please come along for the 10am Eucharist.
And read on further to see
when Pope Francis is marking the day!

Follow this link and you will find that people 
have been chatting about a Papal encyclical since
immediately after World Environment Day 2014!!!

Now time is/has run out on Pope Francis.
World Environment Day is here and no encyclical!
But we think it is coming - 
approximately a fortnight after WED - June 18.

According to this report, there will me much reference
Now Anglicans are rather keen on Saint Franics.
On his feast day we turn up with our
dogs, cats, canaries and guinea pigs -
and if you live in fictional Dibley,
the vicar even manages to cope with a horse!

However, among all the jollity of Saint Francis' Day,
Advocates at St Paul's remember that this was the day
that the organisation established itself in the parish.

... and if you too are excited about what is in the PE
(Papal Encyclical)