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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The two Dorothys: Dorothy Soelle and Dorothy Day and A Radical Christian Creed

Into the Editor's email, from time to time, drops this anthology of interesting stuff. The site also hosts lots of blogs.

Among to-days riches, I have discovered Dorothee Soelle.  Seems to me that Dorothee is a wonderful book-end for that English-speaking Dorothy, Dorothy Day.  Both Dorothy-s are worthy of exploration. Here is more about Dorothy Soelle

In among all this, along with the discovery of Dorothee Soelle, has come the discovery of a blog called The Moltmanniac honouring the work of Jurgen Moltmann -- but all that will be saved for another day.  Below I am posting A Radical Christian Creed by Dorothee Soelle.

I believe in God
who created the world not ready made
like a thing that must forever stay what it is
who does not govern according to eternal laws
that have perpetual validity
nor according to natural orders
of poor and rich,
experts and ignoramuses,
people who dominate and people subjected.
I believe in God
who desires the counter-argument of the living
and the alteration of every condition
through our work
through our politics.
I believe in Jesus Christ
who was right when he
“as an individual who can’t do anything”
just like us
worked to alter every condition
and came to grief in so doing
Looking to him I discern
how our intelligence is crippled,
our imagination suffocates,
and our exertion is in vain
because we do not live as he did
Every day I am afraid
that he died for nothing
because he is buried in our churches,
because we have betrayed his revolution
in our obedience to and fear
of the authorities.
I believe in Jesus Christ
who is resurrected into our life
so that we shall be free
from prejudice and presumptuousness
from fear and hate
and push his revolution onward
and toward his reign
I believe in the Spirit
who came into the world with Jesus,
in the communion of all peoples
and our responsibility for what will become of our earth:
a valley of tears, hunger, and violence
or the city of God.
I believe in the just peace
that can be created,
in the possibility of meaningful life
for all humankind,
in the future of this world of God.