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Markets & Justice
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White Australia Has A Black History

White Australia Has A Black History

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tarkine in Motion - Happening. Right. Now. So is the Western Highway Duplication in Victoria. Destruction abounds. Habitat destroyed.

The above action is scheduled for the Tarkine in Tasmania.

Meanwhile along the Western Highway,
ancient river red gums and much vegetation and habitat
is being destroyed by Vic Roads
as the duplication of the Western Highway progresses.

The Western Highway is Australia's second busiest highway.
It is the major road route from Melbourne to Adelaide.
It is second only to the Hume Highway
which is the major road route between Melbourne and Sydney.

The main vehicle for protest and airing angst is on Facebook.

WHAM is planning to imitate the Bob Brown Foundation's
Tarkine event with one of its own.
Here are the details from Helen Lewers.
Please diarise and plan to attend.
Bob Brown has organised an artist's convergence for the now threatened Tarkine in Tas - and WHAM is going to have one too at Buangor on the weekend of 2-3 May, 2015. Please come with your cameras, sketch pads, paints and pencils, to record what may very well be soon lost to us, to local fauna and to successive generations of people and animals.